Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site

Heritage Interpreter

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Friday, 11th January 2019
Friday, 15th February 2019
Pay Rate: 17.00
Duration: May 6th - Sept 2nd, 2019

Job Description:

Interpreters make a visit to the Atlas Coal Mine fun, fascinating, and memorable for our guests. They make sure guests are welcomed, informed, looked after, and inspired during their visit. The focus of the job is interpretive programming, followed by front desk duties, and rounded out by chores and project time. Interpreters are equipped to spend lots of time outdoors, walking and climbing, and in historic buildings without modern ameneties. 


Interpretive Programming Duties

Learn the history of coal mining in the Drumheller Valley, including the work and home life of miners, the technical operation of the Atlas, and the social context in which the mines operated.  After a basic body of knowledge is mastered, interpreters continue to learn throughout the summer, so their knowledge is deeper and broader every week.

Develop school and public tours, using Atlas Coal Mine program outlines as a starting point, and enlivening them with their own talents and interests. 

Present tipple tours, mantrip rides, tunnel tours, school programs, and equipment demonstrations in an enthusiastic and engaging manner.  Interpreters wear supplied “historic clothing” or uniforms while on duty. Interpreters with the appropriate background present historic character sketches. Others lead mine geology hikes.  Everyone helps plan and present special events.


Welcome Desk Duties

Interpreters spend part of each day running the Welcome Desk.  This is where they greet visitors, orient them to the Atlas Coal Mine, accept admissions fees, keep daily records, and maintain the small gift shop.


Chore and Project Duties

Interpreters work as a team to keep the site neat, clean, and safe for visitors. This includes opening and closing the site, general tidying, looking after equipment, restocking shelves, cleaning floors, and cleaning bathrooms.

Interpreters select a project to pursue on slow days in the spring.  This project will be chosen in consultation with the supervisor, and will begin in late May. The project will further the mission of the Atlas Coal Mine to preserve and present coal mining history.


Preferred Skills:

Must be physically fit and able to climb a hill with a pack of adoring fans.

We’re looking for a self-motivated crew that knows what needs to be done.

Must have at least one year post secondary education, and plan to return to school in the fall. Background in history, education, geography, ecotourism, engineering, or performing arts an asset.

First-aid an asset. A valid driver’s licence a must. A car is an asset as we’re located 15 minutes east of Drumheller.