Having difficulty finding work? Wanting to take your job search to the next level?

Whether you’re in need of second set of eyes to look at your resume or an enthusiastic coach to keep you motivated, MH Enterprises can help! Employers! We can help you too! Our current program allows us to provide referrals directly to you, at no cost! Find the perfect addition to your team, with our expertise and guidance.

One-on-One Employment Services is a government-funded program which provides comprehensive and individualized services to assist both job seekers and employers in rural communities.  We help job seekers gain the skills and knowledge to seamlessly transition back into the labour market via meaningful connections to local area employers.

Program Services Include:

  • Guided support services for job seekers
  • Comprehensive support with resume and cover letters
  • Motivation and support about how to effectively job search
  • Explanation on how to use the skills you have to access the hidden job market
  • Insight and education about current labour market trends
  • Education and instruction on the use of Innovative Technologies to perform your job search
  • Personalized assistance in developing better interview skills
  • Supportive career counselling and life coaching
  • Funded Training Courses
  • Direct Job Placement Services – we can market you directly to an employer
  • Ongoing Job Maintenance Support after you have connected to your new employment opportunity

Ongoing services provided from June 15, 2020 – December 14, 2022

If you would like more information, or want to see if this program will fit your needs, stop by our office or call us at (403) 823-6934. We want to see you!