2014 Work Experience Participant

I would like to express my utmost appreciation for your organization and the amazing assistance and kindness that you have extended me. I would not have been able to learn so many things and be in the position that I am in now if it was not for your help and I hope that you guys keep fighting the good fight for youth like me in need of employment guidance. Please know that you have been instrumental not only in my life but also in the lives of other people and that your passion speaks volumes for the future of the Town. 

Alberta Works

Alberta Works would like to congratulate M.H. Enterprises Employment Services on their 20 Years in business supporting Albertans to reach their full potential. 

Message from the Director: Marina Paarup

When I think back over the last 20 years of owning and operating MH Enterprises, I think what a blessing I have been given, to have been a part of a team that has helped so many people in our community through programs funded by both Alberta Works and Service Canada. It has been truly amazing to share in our clients' success and in their joy of finding where their path in life was meant to go.

To the ladies of MH Enterprises, your dedication and support to me and to those we serve is immeasurable. I am so very grateful to have such an amazing group of women to work alongside. I continuously see you work as a team maintaining respect and displaying grace at all times, giving 110% in everything you do. You smile through hard days and laugh through even harder days, and you all make coming to work everyday a joy. Knowing that we all share in the goal to help people find and achieve success in their lives is what has enabled us to be here for the last 20 years.

"What I know after 20 years", is that no one person achieves or accomplishes anything in life alone - along the way we have had many people to help us get where we are in life ... friends, family, teachers, mentors, colleagues, contract managers, and the support of our community members. When I started this company 20 years ago I was told 'it will only be for a year so don't get your hopes up that this will last'. I remember thinking - awesome, a year is a long time. The door was open so I walked through - you never know where life will take you if you never try.

...If you think you will not, you won't, if you think you will, you will - In everything you do in life, if there is a will there is a way.

Cathie Clift

I've worked at MH Enterprises for Marina Paarup for the past 15 years but I think what I really should say is that I've been a part of the MH Enterprises family for that time.

So let me tell you about this family. Yes for the most part it's all "girls" but within that framework I feel challenged, respected and dare I say loved. As an employee I benefit from the team spirit and comradery we have within this organization. At MH Enterprises we are led by example by our director Marina Paarup who encourages us to out do ourselves when providing services to our clients.

I look forward to the challenges that come each day and draw strength from the satisfaction of helping others. None of this would be possible without my colleagues at MH Enterprises.



Michelle Hiscox

I've been working at MH Enterprises for over a decade, and I can't imagine working anywhere else. What is the best thing about my employment here? My boss, Marina Paarup. She has taught me more than anyone else about kindness, tolerance, and acceptance. Every individual that walks through our door is welcomed and treated like they've walked into their second home. We provide employment services, yes, but the best part of our job is everything else we can provide with those services. Hope, honesty, and heartfelt support are what we are able to offer Albertans each day our office opens, and that's what we've  been giving for the last 20 years.

Michelle Hiscox

Theresa Catonio

I have been apart of the MH team for over 5 years now. My commitment and appreciation to MH primarily stems from the fact that our focal point has been, and always will be our clients. Over the years we have offered various programs and services, but the heart of our operation has always been the same. It's a blessing to part of a team in which we share similar outlooks and values in the work we do. Congratulations Marina on creating a platform on which we are able to provide these wonderful services to the people in our community who need them; and thank you for allowing your employees to be unique and authentic in the way we work with clients and with other professionals in the community. 

Jenny Finnimore

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be employed at MH Enterprises. I enjoy coming to work every single day. I am lucky enough to work in an industry that's main focus is helping people succeed. There is nothing better than when an individual shares their successes with us. We are so much more than an employment center. We are a friendly voice at the end of the phone, a warm welcome to each and every person that comes to our office, a hug when needed, and a calm listening ear when life seems out of control. I am lucky enough to work with 5 amazing ladies who not only encourage our clients, but each other. I am so Happy for Marina and MH Enterprises! 20 years is a huge accomplishment!!

Congratulations and I am excited for the next 20 years.

Jenny Finnimore, Administrator

Brandy Chandler

I have only been working at MH Enterprises for a little under a year now but it feels like I have been here for a lot longer. When I started here I was terrified. I was afraid to start a new job, like almost anyone is, but I was also nervous to come into a place with five other females who have already created such an incredible bond. It did not take any time at all for these ladies to make me feel like I was a part of their family. MH Enterprises is such a rewarding and fulfilling place to be a part of; being able to assist Albertan’s with finding and securing employment to better their lives, hearing about their success and being that one person they know they can trust in. I am honored to be a part of this family and I thank Marina Paarup for trusting in me to be in the position that I am. Congratulations on your 20 years!

Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce, we would like to congratulate M.H. Enterprises on 20 successful years in Drumheller.

We are proud to have worked in partnership with this outstanding organization since its inception in 1994. Over the years, M.H. Enterprises has provided valuable employment services to umemployed individuals in Drumheller and area.

The staff are always professional in their delivery of programs and services with their priority being the needs and success of their clients.

Congratulations Marina and the team at M.H. Enterprises on all of your hard work! Best wishes for the future!!

Drumheller Community Learning Society

Congratulations MH Enterprises!

On your 20th anniversary, Drumheller Community Learning Society commends MH Enterprises for your commitment to employment services in our community. In recent years, the Learning Society has partnered with MH to provide work experience for at least three MH clients. Some of these clients earned their G.E.D. during the time they spent with us, and all the participants leveraged their education and work experience into long term, well-paying jobs. In terms of the MH work experience program, it is a win/win situation for both the work experience provider and the client. We also appreciate the referral relationship we have developed with MH over the years and consider MH Enterprises a stakeholder in our organization. Thank you for your representation on our Board and input at the meetings. Again we congratulate you on 20 years of community serve and look forward to the next 20 years!


Dana Davidson

Drumheller Community Learning Society

Cathy Kuntz

It is with great pleasure, I find myself writing to you to express my total satisfaction with the service extended by you and your team in finding employment. My newly created resume was professionally displayed, complemented my new area of prospective employment and was completed in an extremely efficient manner. 


Your sound knowledge of key contacts within the business community and existing employment opportunities was paramount in assisting me gain employment within a short time frame. 


I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone searching for expertise in these areas. 



Cathy Kuntz

John Vandehaar

As a past client of MH Enterprises, I would like to extend my thanks to these lovely bunch of ladies. 

I came to MH Enterprises to take advantage of their employment counseling and have a resume created. I found the staff to be extemely friendly and very helpful. They were always supportive and helped market my resume to potential employers in Alberta and B.C. 

This is a valuable service, and the fact it was at no cost to myself, made it very accessible. Drumheller is incredibly lucky to have MH Enterprises and for it to be staffed with people that go above and beyond to help their clients. I can tell they genuinely care about my future. I would highly reccomend MH Enterprises to anyone in search of employment.


John Vandehaar

Kayla Wade

Over the past three years I have thought back to how MH has helped me on my path to reaching my goals. By opening a door that was in my path that seemed unreachable, MH gave me that chance by standing behind me. As I had not been able to get the experience that I required without someone doing so, before that chance (I actually dropped a resume where I am working before getting my start here, and they didn't even look at it). After my first meeting I felt more confident that something was going to be accomplished. MH kept with me the whole time giving me options, ideas on how to help me, and much needed support, which still continue to do so.

The option that helped me the most was the 3 months experience program, which helped me get my current position as a House Keeper/Kitchen Aid which I have kept now, going on 3 years.I am very grateful for all MH has done for me, the roots that were established there run deep for me. I will continue to recommend MH to others who are seeking help and could use your special attention, including my sisters.

Thank you for this opportunity, to gather the building blocks I feel I am going to need to construct the wonderful life that I am looking forward to.

Kayla Wade

Thenisa Corley

You guys changed my life from always struggling, being depressed and having people take advantage of me to being able to take care of myself. You helped me figure out what my disability was and showed me that there was help for me; then you helped me get it. You were good friends to me during such a hard time in my life. You helped me find my strengths and also to find boundaries with people who were taking advantage of me.

I'm thankful for the friendship you gave me and all of your time ... and there was a lot of it. I'm very thankful and appreciative of you guys because if I didn't have your help I wouldn't be where I am today; and that's the truth.

Thenisa Corley

Martin Sheurer

MH Enterprises definitely helped me to rewrite my resume in a more up to date way, they call me with local job opportunities which helps greatly because I would not have known about them otherwise. They perform follow up calls regularly which I appreciate because it lets me know someone out there cares.

Thank you,

Martin Scheurer

Ray Telford

Congrats on your anniversary. Your company has done a great job in helping and supporting community economic development. Have another great 20 years.

Ray Telford

Thank you!

Hey MH Enterprises

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done not just for me but everyone! You girls brighten lives and the make the impossible possible. You are the reason I am where I am today. You ladies ROCK!! 


Wade's Jewellery LTD.

It is without any hesitation that we provide a testimonial to MH Enterprises on their 20th Anniversary Celebration.

We at Wades Jewellery have been most fortunate to have had three of our recent employees experience the benefit of your programs.

They have been beneficial not only for the financial assistance that this has afforded us but also because of the added benefit of the training and supervision that you have provided.

We also appreciate your thoughtful recommendations of potential employees.

It has been a wonderful partnership, we are so grateful for your assistance and support.

With many congratulations on your special Anniversary!

Doug Wade

Drumheller Mail

It's hard to believe that MH is celebrating 20 years providing services to Drumheller and district, but as they say, "Time flies when you are having fun". And it is a fun place to walk into after a somewhat nerve-wracking elevator ride, because you are greeted with a smile, especially when you bring food or gifts. These people are great to work with and have helped me MANY times over the years. Some of my best employees have come directly from their office to mine, and have been the match I have been looking for.

The MH staff genuinely care about they they do and are helpful in so many ways, including providing the information on training programs that provide funding from the government.

Congratulations on 20 years and please continue the wonderful role you play in our community.


Ossie Sheddy

The Fossil Shop Inc

It was many years of running a business before I was aware that this service existed.

Since that time I have met and worked with some lovely individuals on the program. The most successful program for this store is the three month job placement, as it takes at least three months for a new employee to feel comfortable with the many details and expectations.

Jobs at The Fossil Shop Inc are not just for anyone. Our success has been mostly with students pre-university. This group can perform physically and intelligently with regards to the many demands.

I am grateful for the support. It is a valuable asset for the community.


Gloria Vickerage

Reality Bytes Incorporated

We have had the pleasure of working with M.H. Enterprises since they were in a small single office at the old Civic Center building.  And, we have used their services & programs many times over the past 16 years!!

MH Enterprises, specifically Marina Paarup and her excellent staff, knows what it means to give personal, and professional service. 

Over the years, we have taken advantage of their training on the job programs, youth employment programs, and skill training programs.

I would recommend that if you haven't used MH's services, you give them a chance.  They likely can do a lot for your business that you were not aware was even available!

John Shoff

Owner / CEO

Reality Bytes Incorporated




Workshop Participant

When I started the program I didn't have a job because the economy was already going down. I felt horrible about myself and thought I was never going to start my career and get my life going. I got into the program just because I thought it would give me some extra income that was more than needed and would give something to do other than sit around at home wasting time.

The program really opened the doors to my hairdressing career, I've wanted to be a hairdresser ever since I was young and had plans of going to school for it. I got accepted to Marvel College in Red Deer and was excited but never really knew how I was going to get there. With Richards help I set my goals and worked hard at trying to figure out what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be.

I'm now working as an apprentice at Bevan Scott Salon here in Drumheller and am enjoying every minute of it. I have my future goals set and am working on my short term goals to get to Red Deer and start school. This all would never had happened is this incredibly happy bald man didn't ask me to join the course. I'm happy and know that I can do it as long as I persevere and keep an open mind.

Thank you so much for getting me back on track.

Workshop Participant

Workshop/Work Experience Participant

I have been involved in both the Skills Link and Work Experience programs. MH Enterprises has given me a sense of hope and belonging. They go beyond what I expected and helped me in so many ways when I thought I was alone. The program is worthwhile and I learned so much about myself and what is available. 

They are caring, non-judgemental people that go the extra mile to help an individual work hard and follow their dreams. They don't give up on you or isolate you because you might be different from someone else. They treat everyone with respect, understanding and patience. 

The program has given me hope, knowledge and a better understanding of who I am and I want to become. I think this program is great and wish I had access to it years ago when I lived in Edmonton or Calgary. 

Michelle is also a wonderful, welcoming person who would bend over backwards to help. These programs, and the staff at M.H. Enterprises, are amazing and the world needs more of this. 

M.H. Enterprises has taught me so much, especially to follow my dreams and not give up. I learned I have more skills to offen than I ever thought I did. 

Trevor Gough

“I have used MH many times and been able to find long term staffing through their programs. MH Enterprises is a wonderful, and amazing asset to Drumheller and I am excited to wish them a Happy 20 Years in business! I look forward to working with them over the next 20 Years! ”

Trevor Gough, Ascend Financial


Numberz Chartered Accountant

We had the pleasure of utilizing the services of MH Enterprises to gain support with hiring a new Office Administrator. Our office was only open for two years and we were growing without office support. We worked with MH Enterprises to source resumes, interview and hire a new person. The financial support was invaluable as we were a new business and reluctant to add overhead.

The hire has worked out excellent. Our Office Administrator had learned a lot of new skills and has been in our office for two and a half years, helping us to continue to grow and serve clients.

I recommend MH Enterprises resources and assistance to other business owners often.



R.A. Hamilton & Associates Inc.

This is a big thank you from R.A. Hamilton & Associates Inc who has used MH multiple times over the years with fond memories of some of those who have come to us through subsidized work programs and others that have shown up just in time to complete a project on time. Some have even become good friends. We always appreciate your staff's friendly and efficient assistance.

Congratulations on your 20 years!

Norah and Bob Hamilton

R&J Flowers

Thanks MH Enterprises!!

As a small business owner I really appreciate the government assisted programs you have assisted in accessing. This has enabled me to train a few different women in floral design. Giving them a life long career in a field they love.

Thanks again,


Valley Veterinary Clinic

Congratulations M.H. Enterprises on 20 Years in business!!

The M.H. employment programs give us the opportunity to provide people interested in veterinary medicine summer employment and a chance to experience it and see if it is the line of work they would interested in. It is an invaluable program that provides opportunity and incite into whether they want to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. 

Paul Salvatore, CLGM

I have had the pleasure of working with MH Enterprises for the past 7 years. 

Every interaction has been positive and helpful. 

MH enterprises – not only helps to solve my organizations staffing needs but is incredibly professional along the way.

Paul Salvatore, CLGM

Director, Community Services

Town of Drumheller

Brinley Elkes

As time has gone by and I apply myself to my school papers and working I often reflect on my time at MH and the experience and help you all gave me, such as finding employment, building resumes and the position as a front-end clerk. I am grateful for all your guidance and support!