Over the past three years I have thought back to how MH has helped me on my path to reaching my goals. By opening a door that was in my path that seemed unreachable, MH gave me that chance by standing behind me. As I had not been able to get the experience that I required without someone doing so, before that chance (I actually dropped a resume where I am working before getting my start here, and they didn't even look at it). After my first meeting I felt more confident that something was going to be accomplished. MH kept with me the whole time giving me options, ideas on how to help me, and much needed support, which still continue to do so.

The option that helped me the most was the 3 months experience program, which helped me get my current position as a House Keeper/Kitchen Aid which I have kept now, going on 3 years.I am very grateful for all MH has done for me, the roots that were established there run deep for me. I will continue to recommend MH to others who are seeking help and could use your special attention, including my sisters.

Thank you for this opportunity, to gather the building blocks I feel I am going to need to construct the wonderful life that I am looking forward to.

Kayla Wade