I have been involved in both the Skills Link and Work Experience programs. MH Enterprises has given me a sense of hope and belonging. They go beyond what I expected and helped me in so many ways when I thought I was alone. The program is worthwhile and I learned so much about myself and what is available. 

They are caring, non-judgemental people that go the extra mile to help an individual work hard and follow their dreams. They don't give up on you or isolate you because you might be different from someone else. They treat everyone with respect, understanding and patience. 

The program has given me hope, knowledge and a better understanding of who I am and I want to become. I think this program is great and wish I had access to it years ago when I lived in Edmonton or Calgary. 

Michelle is also a wonderful, welcoming person who would bend over backwards to help. These programs, and the staff at M.H. Enterprises, are amazing and the world needs more of this. 

M.H. Enterprises has taught me so much, especially to follow my dreams and not give up. I learned I have more skills to offen than I ever thought I did.