What We Do

Welcome to MH Enterprises. 

Agency Mission Statement

To provide our community members with high quality, client focused Employment Services, that enables our team to take a personalized approach in supporting and guiding our clients through informed career and training transitions. 

It is our goal to maintain at all times the respect and dignity of those we serve, by providing a specialized individual approach for each client we serve. An approach which ensures and renews our clients sense of empowerment over their own life choices and directs them towards their chosen goals. 

It is our continuing focus to work as an integral part of the communities we serve; fostering and developing as a cohesive team to create innovative program approaches to best serve our clients. 

**All services are provided FREE of charge to all Albertan's meeting program eligibility requirements. To talk to a career representative for more information please call 403-823-6934**


20 Years of Supporting our Community - Testimonials


Director - Marina Paarup


Marina has a four year Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Psychology. Streams of focus include Clinical Assessment, Counseling and practical and theoretical exposure to a variety of psychological testing measures. She has demonstrated capacity for coordination of office and employee activities, fiscal management and partnership development with the community and related facilities, activities and organizations. A strong community connection as a long-term resident of Drumheller has assisted Marina in developing specialized understanding of and respect for a complex local labor market and the needs of employers and clients within it. In operating MH Enterprises and providing employment services for the area for the last 20 years she has also expanded community connections through participating in many local area Boards and committees. Marina maintains a hands-on approach when working with partnership organizations, business professionals, clients and staff members, which assists in the creation of the team atmosphere necessary to provide the best services possible.

Workplace Training Coordinator - Sagan Gordon


Sagan has a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Psychology and is also a Certified Life Coach. She has spent the last five years creating leadership, mentorship and health and safety training programs for various oil and gas companies. Sagan spent a number of years working in northern Alberta assisting First Nations populations in obtaining higher education, meaningful work and a healthy life. She adopts a holistic approach to helping individuals make positive changes in all areas of their lives. Sagan grew up in the Drumheller area and is eager to assist community members in achieving their life and career goals.


Project Manager - Michelle Hiscox


Michelle has a four-year degree from the University of Lethbridge in Psychology with specialization in Counseling, Assessment and Interpersonal Relations. This is accompanied by further education as a Certified Life Skills Coach and Myers-Biggs Type Indicator Facilitator. She has over eight years of direct experience in the following areas: intake, assessment, service plan development, employment/barrier management, career counseling, crisis management/intervention and employment/educational advising. Michelle also has multiple years of direct experience with TES, CDS, and WT assessments. Michelle actively works with clients in the areas of assessment, service plans, referrals, requests for funding, personal supports and intensive case management. She maintains solid and long term ties to community service providers, partnership institutions and employers.

Administrative Manager - Darci Bertram


Darci has several years of experience in Client Service Support, and through direct front-line experience she has demonstrated an excellent understanding of client needs. She has strong area Employer connections, and maintains the office Job Board, Online Job Board and Social Networking sites. Darci also works with clients to assist them with innovative job searches, and online application processes. Darci is a certified ESL teacher and has experience working as an Educational Assistant within the Drumheller community. Raised in the Drumheller area, Darci is a long term community member involved with various groups around the valley. With her excellent leadership and communication skills she is able to provide and support many clients in all aspects of job obtainment.


Career Advisor - Cathie Clift


Cathie has been assisting the general public and employers for approximately 20 years in both Provincially and Federally delivered tasks. Cathie demonstrats an aptitude for developing and maintaining positive relationships with clients, collaborative professionals and business owners and managers. She provides support for TES, WT and CDS assessments, service plan development, Case management and Mobius input. Providing clients with assistnace to research on local labor market information and updated funding, educational and employment information are also areas of strength. Other responisbilities  include the case management of a variety of multi-barriered clients, and using her skills and strengths to support clients in successfully reaching their goals. Cathie has lived in Drumheller for over 20 years, and definitely considers Drumheller her home.